Clamshell Sandblast Cabinet w/ Dust Collector C4224

$ 2,800.00


Part C4224

  • Overall Dimensions: 42” x 24” x 58”
  • Work Area: 40” x 22”
  • Side Door: 17”H x 12”W
  • View Window: 9’ x 24”
  • 115 volt 60 HZ
  • Steel work surface supported by steel bars.
  • 14 and 16 gauge steel construction.
  • Carbide nozzle and air jet requirement: 18 CFM @ 90 PSI.
  • *Not pictured* Foot pedal control, allows safer use and avoids operator fatigue.
  • Clamshell opening for large, heavy parts and side door opening for smaller parts.
  • Cartridge Type Dust Collector allows for collection, separation of abrasive from debris and dust and then reuse.
  • Dual stage 100 CFM vacuum motor for exhaust.
  • Two 100 watt lamps for interior lighting.
  • 24” rubber gloves.
  • Multi-Media Machine; able to use many different kinds of abrasives depending on the job you’re wanting to do.
  • Air Safety shut off the lid

**The C4224 allows you to use a variety of abrasive media to clean your parts. The blasting process is very efficient at removing build up and debris right down to the bare substrate. Types of buildup that you would expect to remove include rust, paint, and carbon. The included gun is designed to mix the perfect amount of abrasive with the required amount of air for optimal cleaning of many surfaces including steel, aluminum, soft metals, and many others. This machine incorporates a dual stage 100 CFM vacuum motor that eliminates dust and debris quickly for the best visibility. The dust and debris are trapped into a cartridge filter and heavier media particles are recycled into the hopper to save you time and money.

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