Glass Bead Abrasive

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Glass Bead Abrasive

There can be no doubt that Glass Beads are the world’s most popular air blasting media for cleaning and conditioning surfaces. The unique characteristic of glass sphere blasting means that surfaces are cleaned, deburred, decorated, and “cold worked,” without etching or removal of basic surface material and without imparting ferrous or other undesirable residues. Consumption or breakage of beads averages only about 3% per cycle. Glass beads are environmentally safe and cause no toxic or erosive hazards.

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Part: 408 in Pail (Course 40-60)

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Part: 401 (Medium 60-100)

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Part: 410 in Pail (Fine 100-200)

Part: 403 (Extra Fine 170-325)

Part: 413 in Pail (Extra Fine 170-325)